A global strategy firm led by Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger and Warren Rudman
Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) is a global strategy firm that helps corporations, associations and non-profit organizations around the world meet... more »
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Albright Stonebridge Group also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
US Department of State Christopher Hill, Madeleine K Albright, James C O'Brien, Amy Celico, Dan K Rosenthal, Richard Verma, Suzanne A George, Wendy R. Sherman
The Albright Group Susan L Shirk, Madeleine K Albright, Carol Browner, Wendy R. Sherman, James C O'Brien, Suzanne A George
White House Office Sandy Berger, H P Goldfield, Donald Gips, Carol Browner, Melody C Barnes
Center for American Progress Madeleine K Albright, Carol Browner, Richard Verma, Melody C Barnes, Brian Katulis
United States Department of Commerce Dan K Rosenthal, Carlos Gutierrez, H P Goldfield, Amy Celico
Stonebridge International Sandy Berger, Michael Warren, Janice M O'Connell, H P Goldfield
Hogan & Hartson LLP Anthony Harrington, Sandy Berger, H P Goldfield, Janice M O'Connell
Obama-Biden Transition Project Melody C Barnes, Donald Gips, Carol Browner
Center For A New American Security Inc. Richard Verma, Madeleine K Albright, Wendy R. Sherman
Council on Foreign Relations Alan H Fleischmann, Kenneth Pollack, Madeleine K Albright
National Democratic Institute Richard F Celeste, Madeleine K Albright, Brian Katulis
Atlantic Council Ana Palacio, Alan H Fleischmann, Madeleine K Albright
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Thomas J Donohue Sr, Harry W Clark, H P Goldfield
National Committee on United States-China Relations Madeleine K Albright, Kenneth Lieberthal, Lee Herbert Hamilton
National Chamber Foundation H P Goldfield, James Robert Jones, Thomas J Donohue Sr
Partnership for a Secure America Lee Herbert Hamilton, Madeleine K Albright, Sandy Berger
National Security Council Kenneth Pollack, Christopher Hill
Manatt Jones Global Strategies LLC James Robert Jones, Donald S Planty
Brookings Institution Lee Herbert Hamilton, Kenneth Pollack
The Aspen Institute Madeleine K Albright, Melody C Barnes