charter school operator in California
People Have Given To
People with positions in Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools have made donations to
California Charter Schools Association Advocates Independent Expenditure Committee $1,000,000 Richard Riordan
Republican National Committee $937,850 Eva Stern, Frank Baxter, Richard N Merkin, MD, C Frederick Wehba, Richard Riordan
Prostate Cancer Foundation $500,000 Richard N Merkin, MD
Ed Voice For Kids PAC $500,000 Richard Riordan
National Republican Congressional Committee $392,200 Antony Ressler, C Frederick Wehba, Richard Riordan, Dr Ronald D Sugar, Eva Stern, Richard N Merkin, MD, Frank Baxter
RNC Republican National State Elections Committee $372,600 Frank Baxter, Richard Riordan
National Republican Senatorial Committee $222,159 Frank Baxter, Eva Stern, Richard Riordan, Antony Ressler, Richard N Merkin, MD
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $179,600 Antony Ressler, David I. Fisher, Richard N Merkin, MD, Richard Riordan
Democratic National Committee $141,785 Frank Baxter, Harold M Williams, Meyer Luskin, Richard Riordan, Araceli Ruano, David I. Fisher, Richard N Merkin, MD, Antony Ressler, Theodore R Mitchell
Boehner for Speaker Cmte $128,200 Frank Baxter, Richard Riordan, Eva Stern, Antony Ressler
Parents and Teachers for Tuck $125,000 Frank Baxter
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $117,800 David I. Fisher, Antony Ressler, Richard Riordan
Romney Victory $108,300 Richard Riordan, Eva Stern
McCarthy Victory Fund 2014 $103,300 Frank Baxter, Eva Stern, Richard Riordan
Brookings Institution $100,000 David I. Fisher
Coalition for School Reform $100,000 Frank Baxter
Citizens Club for Growth Inc $98,500 Frank Baxter
Barack Obama $93,600 Antony Ressler, Meyer Luskin, Richard Riordan, David I. Fisher, Araceli Ruano
Ryan-NRCC Victory Cmte $88,400 Frank Baxter, Eva Stern, Richard Riordan
NRSC - Nonfederal $87,000 Frank Baxter