Pharmacy benefit management company; merged with Express Scripts in April 2012
People Have Given To
People with positions in Medco Health Solutions have made donations to
Medco Health Solutions Inc. Political Action Committee (A.K.a. Medco Health PAC) $148,323 David D Stevens, John L Cassis, Blenda J Wilson, Myrtle S Potter, William L Roper, Michael Goldstein, John Patrick Driscoll, Joann A Reed, Brian L Strom, Glenn C Taylor, Timothy C Wentworth
Davita Inc Political Action Committee ('Davita') $65,000 William L Roper, Nancy-Ann DeParle
Barack Obama $56,550 Blenda J Wilson, Myrtle S Potter, John Patrick Driscoll, Lawrence S Lewin, Edward H Shortliffe, Glenn C Taylor
Mitt Romney $55,000 David B Snow Jr
Democratic National Committee $42,708 Charles M Lillis, Blenda J Wilson, Myrtle S Potter, Lawrence S Lewin
Republican National Committee $35,300 David B Snow Jr, Michael Goldstein
New Jersey Republican State Committee $12,500 Michael Goldstein
National Cable and Telecommunications Association Political Action Committee (Ncta PAC) $11,000 Charles M Lillis
Bruce Lunsford $10,000 John Patrick Driscoll
Bob Menendez $10,000 John Patrick Driscoll, Timothy C Wentworth
Bob Schaffer $9,600 Charles M Lillis
Judith Feder $9,050 Lawrence S Lewin, Nancy-Ann DeParle
Express Scripts Inc. Political Fund (A/K/A Express Scripts PAC) $9,032 Timothy C Wentworth
Max Baucus $8,300 David B Snow Jr, William L Roper, Nancy-Ann DeParle, Timothy C Wentworth
Gary Leonard Ackerman $8,000 Michael Goldstein
National Republican Senatorial Committee $7,600 David B Snow Jr
National Republican Congressional Committee $7,600 David B Snow Jr
Hillary Clinton $7,400 Blenda J Wilson, Nancy-Ann DeParle
Jim Himes $7,000 John Patrick Driscoll
Chuck Schumer $7,000 David B Snow Jr, Michael Goldstein, Kenneth O Klepper, Bryan D Birch