Texas-based oil and gas corporation
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of ConocoPhillips also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Phillips 66 Harold McGraw III, John E Lowe, Victoria J Tschinkel, Jeffrey Wayne Sheets, Donald Evert Wallette, Greg C Garland, Jennifer C Stettner
American Petroleum Institute James J Mulva, Red Cavaney, Ryan Lance, James E Ford, Greg C Garland
Phillips 66 Limited Harold McGraw III, John E Lowe, Victoria J Tschinkel, Greg C Garland
America Abroad Media Norman R Augustine, Richard Armitage, Kenneth M Duberstein
DuPont William K Reilly, James L Gallogly, Archie W Dunham
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Andrew Lundquist, Red Cavaney
Pioneer Natural Resources Company Andrew Lundquist, Zane R Jobe
Union Pacific Corporation Charles C Krulak, Archie W Dunham
Center For A New American Security Inc. Norman R Augustine, Richard Armitage
Partnership for Public Service Norman R Augustine, Kenneth M Duberstein
Hess Corporation Kevin Omar Meyers, Zane R Jobe
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Victoria J Tschinkel, John V Faraci
Asia Society Harold McGraw III, William R Rhodes
Ppg Industries Inc John V Faraci, Charles E Bunch
Raytheon Technologies Corporation Harold McGraw III, John V Faraci
Deutsche Bank AG Norman R Augustine, Archie W Dunham
Citigroup Inc. William R Rhodes, John V Faraci
U.S. Global Leadership Coalition Charles C Krulak, Richard Armitage
Freeport McMoran Inc Charles C Krulak, J Stapleton Roy
Marathon Petroleum Corporation Charles E Bunch, J Mike Stice