Koch political advocacy group c(3) arm
People Have Given To
People with positions in Americans for Prosperity Foundation have made donations to
Charles Koch Foundation $177,404,830 Charles G. Koch
Deerfield Academy $25,000,000 David Koch
Hospital for Special Surgery $25,000,000 David Koch
David H. Koch Charitable Foundation $10,833,000 David Koch
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center $3,000,000 David Koch
Metropolitan Opera $2,500,000 David Koch
American Ballet Theatre $2,500,000 David Koch
Prostate Cancer Foundation $2,000,000 David Koch
Freedom Partners Action Fund $2,000,000 David Koch
RNC Republican National State Elections Committee $1,036,550 David Koch, Art Pope, C Boyden Gray, Wayne Gable
NRSC - Nonfederal $655,072 Wayne Gable, C Boyden Gray, David Koch
Competitive Enterprise Institute $625,000 David Koch, C Boyden Gray
Progress for America Voter Fund $600,000 James E Stephenson, C Boyden Gray
National Republican Senatorial Committee $554,820 Tracy Henke, David Koch, James E Stephenson, Frayda Levin, Charles G. Koch, C Boyden Gray
American Legislative Exchange Council $465,000 David Koch
Republican National Committee $443,275 Matt Kibbe, Peggy Venable, Art Pope, Alan Cobb, Charles G. Koch, C Boyden Gray, James E Stephenson, Frayda Levin, David Koch
National Republican Congressional Committee $362,700 James E Stephenson, C Boyden Gray, Art Pope, Frayda Levin, David Koch
Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research $300,000 David Koch
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty $297,500 David Koch
Texas Public Policy Foundation $296,516 David Koch