Yale University's highest governing body
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Yale Corporation also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Yale University Margaret Hilary Marshall, William I Miller, Fareed Zakaria, Jeffrey L Bewkes, Mimi Gardner Gates, Richard C Levin, Indra K Nooyi, Margaret Garrard Warner, Donna Lee Dubinsky, Barrington Daniels Parker, Jeffrey Powell Koplan, Paul L Joskow, Douglas A Warner III, Peter B Dervan, Edward Bass, George Leonard Baker Jr
Yale Investment Committee George Leonard Baker Jr, Fareed Zakaria, Jeffrey L Bewkes, Richard C Levin, William I Miller, Barrington Daniels Parker, Douglas A Warner III
Yale School of Management Roland Whitney Betts, Richard C Levin, Jeffrey Powell Koplan, George Leonard Baker Jr, Jeffrey L Bewkes
Council on Foreign Relations Margaret Garrard Warner, Jeffrey L Bewkes, Fareed Zakaria
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Indra K Nooyi, Janet L Yellen
Hewlett Foundation Byron Gerald Auguste, Richard C Levin
Motorola Solutions, Inc. Indra K Nooyi, Douglas A Warner III
General Electric Company Douglas A Warner III
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Douglas A Warner III
Time Warner Inc. Jeffrey L Bewkes
PepsiCo, Inc. Indra K Nooyi
American Express Company Richard C Levin
Exelon Corp Paul L Joskow
Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC Douglas A Warner III
Amazon.com, Inc. Indra K Nooyi
Cummins, Inc. William I Miller
Beckman Coulter Peter B Dervan
US Department of State Dean Acheson
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Jeffrey Powell Koplan
Harvard University Janet L Yellen