Engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance services
People Have Given To
People with positions in Fluor Corporation have made donations to
Fluor Corporation Political Action Committee (Fluor PAC) $464,839 Kent Kresa, Peter J Fluor, Lawrence N Fisher, Dwayne Andree Wilson, Lynn C Swann, Carlos M Hernandez, Philip J Carroll, James T Hackett, John L Hopkins, David Marventano, Glenn C Gilkey, Alan M Bennett, D Michael Steuert, Rosemary T Berkery, Peter K Barker, Suzanne H Woolsey, Matthew K Rose, H Steven Gilbert, Philip Vaughn, David Thomas Seaton, David E Constable, Alan L Boeckmann, David R Dunning, Deborah D McWhinney
Republican National Committee $208,900 Peter J Fluor, James T Hackett, David R Dunning, Peter K Barker, Alan L Boeckmann, Rosemary T Berkery, Matthew K Rose, Timothy M Rutten, Philip J Carroll
National Republican Congressional Committee $185,727 Don Blankenship, Philip J Carroll, Peter K Barker, James T Hackett, Matthew K Rose, David Marventano, Alan L Boeckmann
National Republican Senatorial Committee $176,886 David Thomas Seaton, H Steven Gilbert, Peter K Barker, Matthew K Rose, David Marventano, James T Hackett, Lawrence N Fisher, Don Blankenship, Alan L Boeckmann, David E Constable
Right to Rise USA $176,580 Matthew K Rose
John S. McCain III $108,350 Suzanne H Woolsey, Rosemary T Berkery, James T Hackett, Peter J Fluor, Matthew K Rose, Peter S Watson, Deborah D McWhinney, Peter K Barker
Burlington Northern Santa FE Corporation Railpac (Bnsf Railpac) $76,960 Matthew K Rose
Boehner for Speaker Cmte $70,950 David Thomas Seaton, Matthew K Rose
Mitt Romney $53,400 Rosemary T Berkery, Peter J Fluor, David Marventano, David R Dunning, Alan L Boeckmann, Carlos M Hernandez, Deborah D McWhinney, James T Hackett, Peter K Barker
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Political Action Committee $43,056 James T Hackett
John Boehner $32,500 Peter K Barker, Matthew K Rose, David Thomas Seaton
UBS Americas Fund for Better Government $27,000 Rosemary T Berkery
Ryan-NRCC Victory Cmte $25,000 Matthew K Rose
Kentuckians for Strong Leadership $25,000 Matthew K Rose
Senate Leadership Fund $25,000 Matthew K Rose
Shell Oil Company Employees' Political Awareness Committee $23,504 Philip J Carroll
WV Republican State Exec Committee $23,000 Don Blankenship
Employees of Northrop Grumman Corporation PAC $22,128 Kent Kresa
John Cornyn $21,900 Matthew K Rose, Alan L Boeckmann, David Thomas Seaton, James T Hackett, David Marventano
Robert Jones Portman $21,500 Don Blankenship, Peter J Fluor, Carlos M Hernandez, Peter K Barker, Alan L Boeckmann, D Michael Steuert, David Marventano, James T Hackett, David Thomas Seaton, Matthew K Rose