Tullow Oil, plc and WCS Uganda have a generic relationship

Partner Tullow Oil, plc
Partner WCS Uganda
Start Date 2012-00-00
Is Current yes
Notes In 2012, Tullow launched a marine environmental research programme in Gabon that will deliver biodiversity data to help quantity and qualify the area's rich offshore habitat. Tullow has invested $1.5 million in the two–and-a-half year project which is in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). In some instances, oil operations can aid the protection of marine biodiversity in an area, because rig sites must be kept secure with no go zones for several kilometres around them. The research on marine wildlife activities, in particular those of endangered turtles, dolphins and whales, is helping Tullow to formulate best practices for its planned 2013 offshore operations and minimise any negative environmental impacts.