Tom Gores has/had a position (Founder, Chairman, & CEO ) at Platinum Equity, LLC

Title Founder, Chairman, & CEO
Start Date 1995-00-00
Executive yes
Notes Tom Gores founded Platinum Equity in 1995 and has since grown the firm to over $30 billion in combined annual revenue at time of acquisition across a diversified portfolio of companies. Tom’s guidance, core philosophies, and strong principles drive the strategic development and direction of both Platinum and its portfolio. Early in his career, Tom was an active investor in smaller businesses, where companies often trade principally on their good word and ability to follow through on what they promise. Here he developed his principles of empowerment, hard work, and integrity. As he delivered on commitments made to deal partners, investment bankers, and lenders, Tom’s ability to execute larger and larger transactions grew exponentially and made Platinum one of the premiere private equity firms in the world, recognized as one of Forbes’ “Largest Private Companies” within just 4 years of being founded. Believing that a team of outstanding people could meet almost any challenge, Tom began selecting the best and brightest he came in contact with to join him. The result is the Partners and Principals who lead Platinum Equity today. This top echelon of Platinum’s executive corps averages 12 years tenure with the 16 year-old firm. Strong relationships, trust in people, and open communication remain key to Tom’s and Platinum’s momentum. When it comes to his business, Tom applies philosophies of swift and thorough diligence, sound acquisitions, effective management, and driving value through honest, intelligent operational improvement rather than financial engineering. M&A&O®, his pioneering vision of combining traditional M&A with operational insight, was the direct result of the combination of these philosophies. Top business publications have recognized Platinum as one of the most important private companies in America, most recently ranking 27th on the 2010 Forbes list of America's Largest Private Companies, #1 on the 2010 Los Angeles Business Journal list of LA's Largest Private Companies, and #5 on the 2010 LABJ list of LA's Largest Private Equity Companies. Tom appears on both the Forbes list of the World's Billionaires as well as the Forbes list of Richest Americans, and is among the youngest individuals ever to appear on either. Currently 47 years old, Tom resides in Beverly Hills with his wife and children. When not serving in his role as Chairman and CEO of Platinum, Tom is on either soccer field or basketball court coaching youth teams, applying the same principles of hard work and inspiration that he does to his business. He also maintains active interests in the arts, serving on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Board of Trustees and pursuing interests in music. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University.
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