Concentric Sky and Cengage Learning did/do business

Service provider assessment ed-tech Concentric Sky
Client - ed-tech assessment Cengage Learning
Start Date 2013-00-00
Goods Quick Links Go to site navigation Go to page content Main Navigation WORK TEAM CONTACT ARTICLES A view overlooking students in a library closely reading books. Previous & Next Work EntriesNext EntryPrevious Entry Cengage Logo Cmyk2 logo Cengage With operations in more that 20 countries, Cengage is one of the world’s largest publishers of educational content. In partnership with Cengage, Concentric Sky has developed a number of award-winning Homework and Assessment products that help students develop mastery of key skills via directed learning activities that target the areas where they need the most help. Backed by a pioneering, cloud-based analytics platform designed by Concentric Sky, these tools help institutional stakeholders visualize student progress across a wide array of metrics. Technology Profile Analytics / Android / Enterprise / iOS / SaaS A series of screenshots showing various educational apps is displayed on a computer monitor. A woman holds her phone in front of a stack of doughnuts, the screen displays a pie chart representing calories. A woman sits on a bench with her laptop typing at a computer. A man takes notes while typing at his computer. Previous & Next Work EntriesNext Entry Encyclopedia Britannica Previous Entry The World Bank Footer Facebook logo LinkedIn logo Twitter logo Call us at 541-342-8456 or email 2019 © Concentric Sky, Inc. All rights reserved.