George P Shultz has/had a position (Board) at Acuitus

Title Board
Notes Dr. George Shultz, Board Member George P. Shultz served as US Secretary of State from 1982 to 1987 for President Reagan. Previously, he served on the Council of Economic Advisors, under President Eisenhower; as Secretary of Labor, as the first Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and then as the Secretary of the Treasury under President Nixon. In 1974, Dr. Shultz became president and director of the Bechtel Corporation, continuing until 1982. He returned as a Director and senior counselor in 1989. Dr. Shultz is the Thomas W. and Susan B. Ford Distinguished Fellow at the Hoover Institution. He began his academic career teaching Economics at MIT, was Dean of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business, and more recently the Jack Steele Parker Professor of International Economics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He received his BA degree in economics from Princeton and his PhD in industrial economics from MIT.
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