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Start Date 2020-00-00
Notes ABOUT SOCIAL INVESTMENTS ADVISORY SERVICES FOCUS AREAS FUND MANAGEMENT RESOURCES General Assembly Career Impact Bond Social Finance is partnering with General Assembly (GA) and impact investors to launch the first-ever Career Impact Bond. The project serves 1,000 individuals across 10 U.S. cities, enabling them to develop in-demand coding skills, prepare for sustainable careers in the booming information technology (IT) space, and ultimately achieve improved economic mobility. PROJECT GOALS Increase career training access: Expand access to industry-recognized IT training and wraparound support services to people who have limited means or have come into contact with the criminal justice system. Support measurable career advancement: Help students cultivate the technological skills needed to pursue and achieve measurable career progress within growing, in-demand IT occupations. Catalyze wider economic mobility: Take a strong step toward catalyzing economic mobility at scale and recapturing the American Dream. HOW IT WORKS INVESTORS 1 GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2 STUDENTS THE STUDENT PERSPECTIVE Sandy College was never an option for Sandy, who has been working low-wage jobs for close to 10 years. She wants to do more for herself and her daughter but a four-year degree is not viable because of the cost and time commitment involved. Technology training is appealing but a few credit dings make getting a loan impossible. Sandy is an ideal candidate for the student-friendly GA Career Impact Bond. PROJECT PARTNERS General Assembly is providing the training for participants. Social Finance is coordinating the project. The UP Fund financed the project. Vemo Education is managing student repayment. PROJECT SUPPORTERS Wilmington Trust is serving as fiscal agent and custodian for this project. Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe is serving as legal counsel to Social Finance for this project. provided grant support for the project. Prudential Financial provided grant support for the project. Chapman and Cutler is serving as outside legal counsel to Social Finance for the UP Fund. Our Global Network Sign Up for Our Newsletter Contact Us SF UK SF Israel SF India SF Netherlands Terms & Conditions Accessibility Site by BigLittle We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue, you are agreeing to our website’s Terms & Conditions.OK
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