Notes The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness (ISC) is a nonprofit research and education organization founded by Michael Porter and based at Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. The Institute is dedicated to extending the research pioneered by Michael Porter and disseminating it to scholars and practitioners on a global basis. Our mission is to advance scholarship, advise leaders and policymakers, and develop practical, research-based frameworks in three broad areas: The study of competition and its implications for company strategy The competitiveness of nations, regions, and cities The relationship between competition and society Michael Porter, the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School and the author of 19 books on strategy and competitiveness, is widely considered the father of the modern strategy field. MORE ABOUT MICHAEL PORTER SEE ALL RESEARCH AREAS OUR EXPERTISE The Institute’s staff and associates include researchers and scholars at Harvard Business School and leading institutions worldwide. We partner with organizations to broaden our reach and collaborate on key projects and initiatives. OUR STAFF OUR ASSOCIATES AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS OUR OFFICES The Institute’s home is the historic Ludcke House on the Harvard Business School campus, which originally served as the school’s Faculty Club. MORE ABOUT LUDCKE DIRECTIONS INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGY & COMPETITIVENESS Harvard Business School
 Ludcke House
 Soldiers Field Road
 Boston, MA 02163
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