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Referenced re school partnerships Oracle Education Foundation
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Notes Privatization and Public Schools: Linda Koop and Charter and Non-Profit Partnership Under SB 1882 167 views•Jan 11, 2018 0 0 SHARE SAVE lidokaiser 26 subscribers Rep. Linda Koop spoke about her bill that would allow charters to partner with ISDs and take over Improvement Required (IR) campuses. This is a slippery slope that will enable charters to infiltrate existing campuses in order to further the school choice privatization movement. Edtech companies are targeting our public schools to access the dollars attached to our children. The 74 Million wrote about the Oracle Education Foundation: An Innovative Public-Private Partnership in California: Oracle Will Give Mentoring, a Tech Curriculum, and a New $43 Million Building to a Charter High School “The unusual public-private partnership between and Oracle, led by the Oracle Education Foundation, has the software giant paying for construction of the $43 million school building — but affords the independence to run the school autonomously, while giving the 550 students and 40 staff unlimited access to Oracle’s expertise as a fundamental component of the students’ education. “We are looking forward to our students having an easier and ongoing relationship with folks at Oracle to get that mentorship and guidance,” says Nicole Cerra, director of learning. “There are a lot of great things about the location itself. The biggest advantage is getting to connect with [Oracle] volunteers.”