Richard Mills has/had a position (Chair, NCEE Coordinating Council, Restructuring Education) at National Center on Education and the Economy

Title Chair, NCEE Coordinating Council, Restructuring Education
Notes Management Plan, Technical Services, Budget and Key Staff An organization chart for the Alliance can be found in the supporting materials to this proposal. In the following section, we briefly describe its main features. The Board of Trustees of the National Center on Education and the Economy has created a Coordinating Council, chaired by Richard Mills, Vermont's Commissioner of Education, and consisting of several of its trustees and senior representatives of the other Alliance Partners, to provide institutional governance for the program. The Council will meet twice a year. The Design Team, comprised of those senior people most actively involved in the work itself, will meet as often as necessary. The Design Team will be chaired by David Hornbeck and Marc Tucker. The principal staff to both the Coordinating Council and the Design Team is the central staff unit of the Alliance, directed by Michael Cohen and David Hornbeck. Their function is to assure the smooth operation of the Alliance as a whole. Each of the functional units - health and human services, technology, high performance management, and so on - will itself constitute a design team and will be headed up by an individual on the overall Design Team who will take responsibility for coordinating the work of all the organizations working on that function. All of the organizations associated with the effort will be, of course, responsible for their own management. The scope of all major joint efforts will be defined by written agreements between the National Center on Education and the Economy and its Partners. Most central support, coordination and technical functions will be provided by the National Center on Education and the Economy through the Alliance's central staff unit. Hornbeck, Tucker, Cohen and Gloria Frazier will visit all of the sites at least once a month, providing support and technical assistance. The central staff unit will also include