Kartik Kulkarni has a position (Principal Member Technical Staff) at Oracle Corporation

Title Principal Member Technical Staff
Start Date 2013-00-00
Is Current yes
Notes Oracle Corporation Total Duration6 yrs 8 mos TitlePrincipal Member Of Technical Staff Dates EmployedJul 2017 – Present Employment Duration2 yrs 2 mos LocationRedwood City, CA, USA 1) Architecting a unique Blockchain platform that unifies the maturity and sophistication of the Database stack with Blockchain's trust and consensus. This is a highly scalable, permission-ed Blockchain platform that enables rich and complex enterprise applications in the Fintech, E-governance, and Sustainable Development space; currently, this project is in the stealth mode. 2) Driving the architecture and implementation of distributed schema management subsystem (DDL - Data Definition Language layer) of the Oracle's next-generation database platform - massive scale-out (yet supporting complete SQL) data engine natively leveraging modern hardware such as the Intel Non-Volatile Memory and Remote-Direct-Memory-Access. See less TitleSenior Member Of Technical Staff Dates EmployedJul 2014 – Jul 2017 Employment Duration3 yrs 1 mo LocationRedwood City Transactions and In-memory Data Technology Group 1) Designed and Implemented the Distributed Architecture of Oracle Data In-Memory: VLDB 2015 Paper - http://www.vldb.org/pvldb/vol8/p1630-mukherjee.pdf This architecture features scale-out of both memory capacity and workload by distribution, glitch-free fail-over via redundancy, dynamic and elastic cluster re-balancing, and compute-shipping to exploit data locality. See less TitleMember Of Technical Staff Dates EmployedJan 2013 – Jul 2014 Employment Duration1 yr 7 mos LocationRedwood City, California 1) Designed and Implemented In-Memory Transactions Journal on Oracle Active Data Guard to enable real-time analytics on backup infrastructure. 2) Refactored the legacy transaction processing kernel's multi-version concurrency control optimizations to support multi-tenancy in Oracle's cloud PaaS offering. See less

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