Collaborator Nelson Gonzalez
Collaborator Carnegie Foundation For Advancement Teaching
Notes Chief Strategy Officer Company NameStupski Foundation Dates EmployedJan 2008 – Jan 2012 Employment Duration4 yrs 1 mo LocationSan Francisco, CA Prior to founding Declara, Nelson was Chief Strategy Officer at the Stupski Foundation—a social innovation fund in San Francisco—where he has led work on strategy, program design, partnerships, research, and international outreach to fulfill the foundation’s mission to improve life options for children living in poverty though an technology-enabled R&D effort to transform current antiquated public education systems. That strategy is now being implemented through an eight-state Innovation Lab Network focused on scaling learning environments through user-centered R&D. The American Education Research Association commissioned from him an analysis of this work, forthcoming as Creating Networked Improvement Communities for Research, Development and Dissemination of System-level Innovation in U.S. Public Education: The Case of the Partnership for Next Generation Learning Innovation Lab Network. He has keynoted on lessons from this work at the OECD, the Guardian newspaper’s international conference on innovation, London’s 2011 BETT, the largest education technology conference in the world, and several state education agencies. Nelson has managed the foundation’s strategic partnerships with other foundations and investors, private technology and content companies, public policy institutions, and the U.S. Department of Education. He also managed a research team investigating the underpinning of learning innovation in cognitive neuroscience, pedagogy, education leadership, complex systems dynamics, and design thinking with partners like Stanford University, OECD, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Carnegie Foundation, Doblin, the Helsinki Group, SRI, the UK’s Innovation Unit, among others. See less