Debra Chrapaty and Ramona Pierson are/were in a family

Partner Debra Chrapaty
Partner Ramona Pierson
Notes Not sure if current. From 2013 article. "In 1997, while she was working on a master’s degree in social research and political psychology at the New School in New York, she was introduced to Debra Chrapaty, and three months later they moved in together as a couple. After working as an executive at Cisco and Microsoft, Chrapaty recently joined Declara as chief operating officer. Chrapaty calls it “humbling” to be in love with someone like Ramona. “How many people are struck by a drunken driver, are pronounced dead on arrival, are in a coma for 18 months, resuscitate themselves, are blind for 10 years, come back, get a postdoctorate, build two successful companies, then find love and happiness?” she says, before answering her own rhetorical question. “Not that many.”