John A Rollwagen has/had a position (Former Chair) at Charter School Task Force, Citizens League

Title Former Chair
Start Date 1988-00-00
Notes But, it didn’t take long after Shanker’s talk for imple- menttation to begin in Minnesota. A study committee of the Citizens League, chaired by John Rollwagen, 2 then CEO of Cray Research, soon picked up the idea that summer and fall. It further modified the concepts advanced by Budde and Shanker, envisioning a framework of state policy and the possibility of schools being authorized by the state as well as by a local board. The League had a plan fairly well thought out by October 1988 when the Minneapolis Foundation brought Al Shanker to Minnesota for The Itasca Seminar. Two legislators present - Sen. Ember Reichgott and Rep. Ken Nelson - picked up the idea and, as legislators are wont to do, began thinking about legislation.
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