Warren Katz has/had a position (Former SimNet Expert) at Raytheon BBN Technologies Corporation

Title Former SimNet Expert
Start Date 1987-00-00
End Date 1990-00-00
Notes Warren Katz co-founded MÄK Technologies with John Morrison in 1990 and acted as chief operating officer for 16 years. In December 2006, MÄK was acquired by VT Systems of Alexandria, Virginia at which time he became chief executive officer. Warren is a noted industry advocate of open interoperability standards and commercial business models in Department of Defense procurement. He also has expertise in the collaboration between the defense and video game industries. He is a prolific author of articles, reports and papers, and frequent speaker on these subjects. He holds two patents on a low-cost eye-tracking device and one patent on a networking protocol for simulated distributed force-feedback. Warren was six-term chairman of the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization, the international not-for-profit consortium that manages the process for developing open interoperability standards for synthetic environments. From 1987 to 1990, he worked for Bolt, Beranek, and Newman on the SIMNET project as the resident drive train simulation expert, responsible for mathematical modeling of physical systems. He holds dual bachelor's degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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