Arnold Hiatt has/had a position (Former Board Chair) at BSR

Title Former Board Chair
Start Date 1993-00-00
Notes In 1993, BSR hosted its first annual Conference, welcoming U.S. President Bill Clinton as a speaker and attracting 300 participants. By the end of that year, BSR had assimilated many statewide and regional groups, such as Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. By 1994, however, the BSR board concluded that the organization’s mission of influencing public policy should change, and the board switched BSR’s organizational approach to something we have applied ever since: Working with companies to integrate social and environmental considerations into their core business. To refine and implement this strategy, BSR recruited Bob Dunn as CEO, and drew on his experiences as the head of corporate affairs at Levi Strauss & Co., where he spearheaded the adoption of the first code of conduct for supply chain labor practices. Dunn and BSR Chairman Arnold Hiatt developed the BSR model that remains in place today.

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