Jimmy Chen has/had a position (Former Fellow) at Blue Ridge Labs@Robin Hood

Title Former Fellow
Start Date 2014-00-00
Notes Fellow Company NameSignificance Labs Dates EmployedMay 2014 – Aug 2014 Employment Duration4 mos LocationGreater New York City Area We imagine a world where the 25 million American families living on less than $25,000/year benefit as much from technology as the well off. Through Significance Labs (which has since been rebranded as Blue Ridge Labs @Robin Hood Foundation), I hired a team of developers and designers to build technology for the underserved. We conducted in-depth user research to better understand the challenges faced by low-income Americans, we prototyped like crazy, and we shipped our MVP in just under three months. We ended up helping about 200 New Yorkers apply for food stamps in August 2014. We're continuing our work as a for-profit software company called Propel. See less
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