Sylvie Gallier Howard has/had a position (Advisor) at ImpactPHL

Title Advisor
Start Date 2014-00-00
End Date 2016-00-00
Notes The players at the table to boot are a healthy start and represent a number of sectors. As of now, six out of eight founders are white males. That’s no fault of the founders, but rather a reflection of the industry. As impact investing gains traction locally, more POC and women representation will be crucial to the health of the space. A number of advisers have been helping guide ImpactPHL, including: Jacob Gray, director at Wharton Social Impact Initiative (WSII) Garrett Melby, cofounder of GoodCompany Ventures Hardik Savalia of B Lab Maari Porter, executive director of Philanthropy Network Claire Marrazzo Greenwood of the Chamber of Commerce Sylvie Gallier Howard of the Commerce Department, City of Philadelphia
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