Project Sentinel Program, FBI
Sub-contractor on BAE Systems plc
Start Date 2006-00-00
End Date 2012-00-00
Goods “With the agile approach, we were testing quite a bit as we were going along. We started off with a prototype that was envisioned by three FBI agents, who really came up with the vision of what Sentinel would be,” Johnson said. “Once we started the full agile effort in October 2010, we did demos every other Friday with a host of stakeholders. We have been doing ad hoc demos and ad hoc prototypes culminating in ever bigger pilots, ever bigger type of events in order to expose more people, get more feedback and continuously adjust course.” The FBI brought in other contractors to handle different task orders under Sentinel, including BAE, Noblis, Keane and Booze Allen Hamilton, in addition to Lockheed.