Oxford Social Finance Programme and Said Business School Oxford have/had a hierarchical relationship

Host Oxford Social Finance Programme
Program Said Business School Oxford
Start Date 2012-00-00
Notes Universities and research institutions also play an important role in developing the knowledge and skills of current and future talent. For example, the Case Foundation’s “Guide to Impact Investing” 101 and US SIF’s education programs are strengthening the talent pipeline through courses, training programs, and business plan competitions. Nearly all of the top business schools now offer some form of social finance courses. Saїd Business School’s Oxford Impact Investing Program, now in its third year, was one of the first executive-education programs on impact investing.102 The Wharton School of Business cofounded the MBA Impact Investing Network and Training Program with Bridges Ventures, which provides students from 11 business schools with theoretical and hands-on experience with the impact investment process.103 Organizations are also developing practical resources for investors and policymakers to speak the same language and ensure that policy incentives promote the uptake of social finance. For example, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has partnered with Ceres to publish an investor guide on corporate engagement. This guide includes case studies and best practices for engaging with companies and policymakers on sustainability issues.