Type Program Pilot-Cohort 1
Start Date 2014-09-00
Notes https://www.livingcities.org/blog/677-introducing-the-city-accelerator-s-first-cohort Through the City Accelerator, Living Cities and the Citi Foundation aim to speed the spread of these kinds of innovation through in-depth engagement with and across cities, building on the platform of the Project on Municipal Innovation (PMI) Advisory Group, a network of chiefs-of-staff and policy directors from over 30 of the nation’s largest cities. The Accelerator brings capacity to help PMI cities turn their ideas into a reality. Over the next three years, the City Accelerator will provide nine cities with the opportunity to work in three-city cohorts, focusing on areas where there are strong existing practices ready for adaptation and implementation. The focus for the first cohort will be on the practice of innovation itself. Cities are getting better and better at making incremental improvements to the way they deliver services. This is important, but it is not enough to solve our most pressing challenges. Cities need to be able to find breakthrough ways of solving problems on an ongoing basis, and we believe the City Accelerator will be a key tool in facilitating that progress.
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