Type Grant
Start Date 2013-00-00
Goods The purpose of the Opportunity by Design initiative is to develop capacity in districts to design and create new schools as a core function of district operations, and to directly support district teams to develop innovative high schools aligned to the Corporation’s design principles. In response to the significant capacity gaps that exist within districts to meet the challenge of this work, program staff and leadership recognized the need to create a new capacity building organization specifically designed to support the vision and goals of the initiative. Springpoint: Partners in School Design leverages the existing range of expert organizations supported by the Corporation and other education funders by brokering their existing resources and creating new tools and resources where gaps exist in the field. They provide differentiated, intensive support to districts to help leadership and design teams understand the design principles and how they can be implemented in school designs. This second grant to Springpoint includes both activities to support the first cohort of districts through the additional year through the close of their grants and activities to develop a second cohort of districts.
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