Wells Fargo & Company and School District of Philadelphia have/had a generic relationship

Notes Future Ready: Career Paths for Middle School Students Middle school is a key period in the development of a young person. Keeping these students engaged in school at this critical juncture helps propel them forward to a successful high school and post-secondary experience, and even a career. The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, Wells Fargo and the School District of Philadelphia are partnering on a transformational program that will engage and enlighten Philadelphia middle school students about future career opportunities and the paths to take to get them there. The goal of the program is to provide students with in-classroom instruction followed by a unique experience where they have the opportunity to visit a local company to meet and interact with professionals in a workplace environment. The professionals, who will be from a variety of fields, will explain what they do and the type of education and experience that it took to get where they are. The program will help explain to the children the importance of setting goals and developing a plan to achieve those goals. It will also expose students to a work environment that they may be unfamiliar with or may not have access to otherwise.