David Koch and Donald Trump have a generic relationship

Political ally David Koch
Start Date 2016-12-01
Is Current yes
Notes On the campaign trail, President-elect Donald Trump boasted that he had no need for the Koch brothers, claiming to have rejected meetings with them and calling his Republican primary opponents “puppets” for meeting with the Kochs. Yet, today, Trump's transition team and Cabinet are quickly filling with a number of Koch affiliates, confidantes, and business associates. Politico has called it Trump's Koch administration. Talking Points Memo noted that “Behind Make America Great, the Koch agenda has returned with a vengeance.” Others have called Trump an unwitting “puppet” of the Koch brothers. Explore DeSmogBlog's LittleSis map of this relationship here: https://www.desmogblog.com/2016/12/19/trump-administration-filling-koch-allies