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Partner Motorola Solutions, Inc.
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Notes Intrado Beware® Integrates with Motorola Solutions’ Intelligent Data Portal Intrado and Motorola collaborate to provide first responders quick access to enhanced situational awareness. Longmont, Colo., June 16, 2014 – Intrado®, a leading provider of 9-1-1 technology solutions and a subsidiary of West Corporation, today announced the integration of Intrado Beware with Motorola Solutions’ Intelligent Data Portal. Motorola’s Intelligent Data Portal is a mobile, cloud-based application that gathers contextual information from existing databases. It then organizes and maps this information using role-based layers to show the location and context of people, resources, events and developing situations. Users in the field can see real-time updates of data from sensors, surveillance cameras and other events to provide warnings of escalating and evolving situations. “Beware’s unique capabilities to provide robust threat assessments and identifying information on persons of interest within seconds is a perfect fit for the Intelligent Data Portal,” said Steve Lowe, senior vice president, Intrado. “This integration will provide law enforcement with additional help in defusing volatile situations along with added protection for themselves and others involved.” With Intrado Beware, responding personnel gain intelligent, highly valuable insight and actionable information from billions of commercial and public records and thousands of web hits about people, places and properties in an easy-to-read and interactive format complete with threat scores, headlines and “Beware” statements. “Motorola Solutions’ collaboration with Intrado helps make the Intelligent Data Portal a true end-to-end solution. The information obtained from Intrado Beware can be integrated with Intelligent Data Portal’s interactive map display to provide users with real-time data about the situation they are approaching,” said Tim Boyle, vice-president, Application Products and Solutions, Motorola Global Solutions and Services.