Eric Gambrell has a position (Attorney) at Akin Gump

Title Attorney
Is Current yes
Notes Mr. Gambrell’s recent engagements include: defending a leading handset manufacturer in an attempted national class action seeking $250 million in damages prosecuting a worldwide geotechnical engineering firm for breaches of fiduciary duties and negligence allegedly resulting in widespread catastrophe to a residential neighborhood prosecuting a former fund manager for breach of fiduciary duties and fraud involving investments in excess of $50 million defending a hospital CEO against purported breaches of fiduciary duties under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 defending an international media and publishing conglomerate in an attempted national class action defending high-profile individuals against attempted extortion prosecuting a national restaurant chain for its failure to pay a leading foodservice provider millions of dollars defending breach of fiduciary duty claims by limited partners of a restaurant chain prosecuting numerous former executives and their co-conspirators who have raided their former companies’ information and talent prosecuting a bank for breach of fiduciary duties relating to its refusal to sell assets prosecuting a national homebuilding company for failure to pay millions of dollars prosecuting breaches of fiduciary duties by a temporary guardian prosecuting a repeat drunk driver for injuries to a child (pro bono).
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