Defunct law firm, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009
Thelen LLP was founded in San Francisco in 1924. Known for the firm’s expertise in construction law, Thelen Marrin Johnson & Bridges, as it was... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in Thelen LLP have made donations to
Thelen Reid Brown Raysman & Steiner Political Action Committee $45,409 Thomas J Igoe Jr, Carole Stern, Richard Y Roberts, Marvin G Goldman, James Warren, Garrett K Smith, Walter Raheb, Charles M English Jr, Stephan M Minikes, Nancy K West, Richard J Leidl, William A Kirk, Thomas O'Brien, Wendy M Yoviene, William C Weeden, Edward L Pittman, Barry Berkoff, Howard A Cooper, Steven S Honigman
National Republican Congressional Committee $42,525 Riley P. Bechtel, Walter Raheb, Stephan M Minikes, Amy E Angelier, Richard Y Roberts
Bechtel PAC Committee $35,315 Riley P. Bechtel
Republican National Committee $31,600 Stephan M Minikes, Riley P. Bechtel, Richard J Leidl, Richard Y Roberts
Kevin McCarthy $27,500 Riley P. Bechtel
American Crossroads $25,000 Riley P. Bechtel
California Republican Party/V8 $24,500 Riley P. Bechtel
Mitt Romney $23,000 Sharon L Hardie, Richard Y Roberts, James J Cesare, Riley P. Bechtel
K&L Gates LLP Political Action Committee (DC) $18,817 William A Kirk
Joe Wilson $15,150 Walter Raheb
Defend America PAC $14,600 Walter Raheb, Richard Y Roberts
National Republican Senatorial Committee $13,000 Walter Raheb, Riley P. Bechtel, Richard Y Roberts
Golden State Congressional Victory Fund $12,500 Riley P. Bechtel
Spencer T Bachus III $12,100 Richard Y Roberts, Walter Raheb
Daniel Ken Inouye $11,800 Richard Y Roberts, Walter Raheb, Steven S Honigman
John Patrick Murtha Jr $11,750 Richard J Leidl, Stephan M Minikes
Drs Technologies Inc. Good Government Fund $11,250 Steven S Honigman
Jeff Denham $10,000 Riley P. Bechtel
George W Bush $9,900 Nancy K West, Richard J Leidl, Sharon L Hardie, Thomas J Igoe Jr, Edward L Pittman, Richard Y Roberts, Stephan M Minikes, Charles M English Jr
Tom Campbell $9,800 Riley P. Bechtel