Passenger and cargo air transportation services in the United States
People Have Given To
People with positions in Alaska Air Group have made donations to
Alaska Air Group Inc. Political Action Committee $178,232 Ben Minicucci, Keith Loveless, Jeffrey D Pinneo, Kelley J Dobbs, William S Ayer, Bradley D Tilden, John F Schaefer Jr, Brandon Pedersen, Glenn S Johnson, Andrew R Harrison, Shane R Tackett, Joseph A Sprague, Ann Ardizzone, David L Campbell
American Airlines Political Action Committee $20,248 David L Campbell
Aerospace Industries Association of America Inc Political Action Committee (Aiapac) $20,000 Marion C Blakey
Patty Murray $18,300 Patricia M Bedient, Phyllis J Campbell, Ben Minicucci, Keith Loveless, William S Ayer, Dennis F Madsen, Glenn S Johnson, David L Campbell
Rick Larsen $16,150 Dennis F Madsen
Symantec Corporation Political Action Committee $15,000 James A Beer
Maria Cantwell $15,000 Patricia M Bedient, Phyllis J Campbell, Keith Loveless, Glenn S Johnson
Jpmorgan Chase & Co. Federal Political Action Committee $14,976 Phyllis J Campbell
Republican National Committee $11,000 Marion C Blakey
Air Transportation Association of America PAC $10,577 William S Ayer, Daniel Elwell
Barack Obama $9,900 Eric K Yeaman, Keith Loveless
Hawaiian Telcom Communications Inc Fedpac $8,500 Eric K Yeaman
George W Bush $6,500 Patricia M Bedient, Marion C Blakey, David L Campbell
Mitt Romney $6,500 Jessie J Knight Jr
Colleen Hanabusa $6,500 Eric K Yeaman
Ted Stevens $6,000 Keith Loveless, William S Ayer, Bradley D Tilden, Marc Langland
Lisa Murkowski $5,500 Ben Minicucci, Marc Langland, David L Campbell
Arthur Andersen PAC $5,170 Patricia M Bedient
Mazie Hirono $5,000 Eric K Yeaman
National Republican Congressional Committee $4,000 Patricia M Bedient, Phyllis J Campbell, Marion C Blakey