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People Have Given To
People with positions in H&R Block have made donations to
H&R Block Inc. Political Action Committee (Blockpac) $76,127 David B Lewis, William L Trubeck, William C Cobb, Christianna Wood, Robert E Dubrish, James F Wright, Robert A. Weinberger, Michael T Beresik, Carol F Graebner, Ray Wilkins, Jeffry J Jones II
Republican National Committee $55,340 Brian J Woram, William L Trubeck, Richard C Breeden, James F Wright, Charles Elliott Andrews
Mitt Romney $43,350 William L Trubeck, Richard C Breeden, James F Wright, Charles Elliott Andrews
Allstate Insurance Company Political Action Committee $24,549 Jerry D Choate, Matthew E Winter
Ebay Inc-Committee for Responsible Internet Commerce $23,500 William C Cobb
National Retail Federation Retailpac $21,500 James F Wright
Aetna Inc. Political Action Committee $20,152 Alan M Bennett
Sallie Mae Inc Political Action Committee (Sallie Mae PAC) $20,000 Charles Elliott Andrews
Conagra Foods Good Government Association $20,000 Bruce Rohde
Debbie Stabenow $16,350 David B Lewis, Christianna Wood, Michael T Beresik
National Republican Congressional Committee $15,550 Brian J Woram, Richard C Breeden, Tom D Seip, James F Wright, Charles Elliott Andrews, Ray Wilkins
Barack Obama $13,400 David B Lewis, Roger W Hale, William C Cobb, Ray Wilkins
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $13,000 David B Lewis, Alan M Bennett
George W Bush $12,750 Alan M Bennett, William L Trubeck, Richard C Breeden, Charles Elliott Andrews, Bruce Rohde, Ray Wilkins
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $12,500 David B Lewis
John Boehner $12,000 Richard C Breeden, Ray Wilkins
Michael O Johanns $11,600 Bruce Rohde
Grocery Manufacturers Association Political Action Committee ('Gma PAC') $10,000 Bruce Rohde
Ben Quayle $9,300 William L Trubeck, Richard C Breeden
Dick Durbin $9,200 Robert A. Weinberger