Money Transfer Service, owned by First Data (1995-2006)
People Have Given To
People with positions in The Western Union Company have made donations to
Mount Sinai School of Medicine $200,000,000 Carl C Icahn
New Yorkers for a Balanced Albany $250,000 Carl C Icahn
Trump Victory $200,000 Carl C Icahn
Republican National Committee $197,050 Michael A Miles Jr, Solomon D Trujillo, Frances Townsend, Carl C Icahn, Alan J Lacy, Roberto Gonzales Mendoza, Betsy D Holden
National Republican Senatorial Committee $109,200 Betsy D Holden, Carl C Icahn
Hillary Victory Fund $102,700 Dinyar S Devitre
Dscc/Non-Fed Unincorp Assoc $100,000 Carl C Icahn
NRSC - Nonfederal $100,000 Carl C Icahn
Andrew Cuomo $100,000 Carl C Icahn
New York City Police Foundation $100,000 Carl C Icahn
Altria Group, Inc. Political Action Committee (Altriapac) $94,085 Dinyar S Devitre, Betsy D Holden
National Republican Congressional Committee $71,650 Carl C Icahn
John S. McCain III $63,400 Carl C Icahn, Roberto Gonzales Mendoza, Jack M Greenberg, Solomon D Trujillo, Alan J Lacy
Jpmorgan Chase & Co. Federal Political Action Committee $55,000 Roberto Gonzales Mendoza
New York Republican State Committee - Reporting $50,000 Carl C Icahn
Mark Steven Kirk $49,450 Betsy D Holden, Alan J Lacy, Jack M Greenberg
Barack Obama $38,055 Jack M Greenberg, Dinyar S Devitre, Linda Fayne Levinson
Mitt Romney $35,800 Carl C Icahn, Jack M Greenberg, Robert W Selander, Michael A Miles Jr, Betsy D Holden, Richard Goodman
Boehner for Speaker FOJB-NRCC $35,800 Carl C Icahn