The Alliance to Save Energy promotes the adoption of energy efficiency policies that are meaningful, politically viable and implementable.
Founded in 1977, the Alliance to Save Energy is a non-profit coalition of business, government, environmental and consumer leaders. The Alliance to... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in Alliance To Save Energy have made donations to
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $223,750 William A Nitze, Frances G Beinecke, Dave McCurdy, Mark R Warner, James E Rogers, John B. Rhodes
Democratic National Committee $185,950 Mark R Warner, Francis J Murray Jr, William A Nitze, Dave McCurdy, John B. Rhodes, Frances G Beinecke, James E Rogers, Chris Coons
Powerpac of the Edison Electric Institute $88,900 Thomas R Kuhn, James E Rogers
Mark R Warner $73,175 James E Rogers, Mark R Warner, Dave McCurdy
Barack Obama $64,800 William A Nitze, Mark R Warner, Frances G Beinecke, Dave McCurdy, Rob Portman, John B. Rhodes, Robert Foster, Susan Tierney, James E Rogers, Jeff Bingaman, Chris Coons
National Republican Senatorial Committee $48,200 James E Rogers
League of Conservation Voters Action Fund $43,240 Frances G Beinecke, William A Nitze
Democratic Party of Virginia $36,885 Dave McCurdy, Mark R Warner
Virginia Victory 2008 $33,500 Mark R Warner
ActBlue $33,400 James E Rogers
Denton County Republican Victory Fund $33,200 Michael C Burgess
Kay Hagan Senate Victory $32,400 James E Rogers
Republican National Committee $32,000 Thomas R Kuhn, James E Rogers, Rob Portman
DNC-Non-Federal Individual $30,000 Frances G Beinecke, Mark R Warner
Hillary Clinton $27,750 Paul David Tonko, Mark R Warner, Frances G Beinecke, Jeff Bingaman, William A Nitze, John B. Rhodes
Duke Energy Corporation PAC $25,937 James E Rogers
Rob Portman $25,600 James E Rogers, Dave McCurdy
National Republican Congressional Committee $25,000 James E Rogers, Susan N Story, Thomas R Kuhn
John Boehner $24,000 Thomas R Kuhn, Susan N Story
American Gas Association Political Action Committee; the (Gaspac) $24,000 Terry D McCallister, Dave McCurdy, James E Rogers