People Have Given To
People with positions in The University of Chicago Law School have made donations to
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $683,112 James C Hormel
The Spencer Foundation $481,000 James J Heckman
Democratic National Committee $417,025 Debra A Cafaro, James C Hormel, Geoffrey Stone, Cass R Sunstein, Elena Kagan, Albert Alschuler, Martha Nussbaum, Sylvia Neil
DNC-Non-Federal Individual $387,500 James C Hormel
Hillary Victory Fund $350,000 James C Hormel
House Majority PAC $200,000 James C Hormel
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $189,588 Debra A Cafaro, James C Hormel, Martha Nussbaum, Geoffrey Stone
Barack Obama $163,175 Helen Elizabeth Garrett, James C Hormel, David A Strauss, Barack Obama, Cass R Sunstein, Albert Alschuler, Lawrence Lessig, Debra A Cafaro, Geoffrey Stone, Martha Nussbaum, Sylvia Neil, Kenneth W Dam, Elena Kagan
DNC Non-Federal Unincorporated Association Account $130,000 James C Hormel
Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund Federal PAC $125,000 James C Hormel
National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, Inc. Political Action Committee $64,000 Debra A Cafaro
Democratic White House Victory Fund $57,000 Sylvia Neil
Senate Majority PAC $50,000 James C Hormel
Women Vote! $50,000 James C Hormel
Real Estate Roundtable Political Action Committee (Realpac) $45,000 Debra A Cafaro
Obama Victory Fund 2012 $45,000 James C Hormel
American Seniors Housing Association (Seniors Housing PAC) $39,750 Debra A Cafaro
Hillary Clinton $28,350 Elena Kagan, James C Hormel, Cass R Sunstein, Debra A Cafaro, Martha Nussbaum, Barack Obama
People's House PAC $25,000 James C Hormel
Lantern Project, the $25,000 James C Hormel