U.S. government agency that supports fundamental research and education in non-medical fields of science and engineering
The American people recognized that scientists and engineers had helped win World War II. Penicillin and the atomic bomb were but the two best... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in National Science Foundation have made donations to
Barbara Ann Mikulski $3,400 Rita Colwell
Conrad Burns $2,750 Kathie Olsen
Ben Cardin $2,200 Rita Colwell
John Kerry $2,000 Rita Colwell
Barack Obama $1,750 Rita Colwell, Walter E Massey, Shirley M Malcom
Hillary Clinton $1,500 Rita Colwell
Steny Hoyer $750 Rita Colwell
Mitt Romney $666 Kathie Olsen
Charles A Sanders $500 Rita Colwell
George W Bush $333 Kathie Olsen
Bill Foster $250 Rita Colwell