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This has been an inspired year of buildout and blossoming for the LittleSis Tech program – the oldest and most far-reaching part of our work that helps us all keep our eyes on the ties. Collectively we’ve added thousands of new entities, donations, relationships, and important datasets that shine light on the powers that be!

Our 2022 and all-time usage stats!

For the last 13 years has been a place where community researchers and organizers have come to learn, share, and grow our collective knowledge and analysis of the role of corporate power in our everyday lives. This collaborative research has helped support so many inspiring campaigns not only here in the US but around the world. We’re excited to see how our small but mighty people-powered tech has reached people in so many corners of the world to support fights for economic, climate, and gender justice (just to name a few!).

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This year we completed a project to translate our editing tools into Spanish. We’re hoping that in the coming years we can translate the database into more languages to continue to grow access and ease for users beyond the English-speaking world. You can show your support for language justice projects like this by becoming a LittleSustainer today!

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Data Summary

10,199,717 Citations
1,686,114 Relationships
285,594 People
122,415 Organizations
81,271 Business People
35,701 Businesses
20,601 Political Fundraising Committees
13,815 Academics
12,549 Lobbyists
11,153 Lawyers
11,077 Public Officials
10,259 Political Candidates
8,499 Private Companies
5,996 Elected Representatives
5,304 Other Not-for-Profits
5,284 Government Bodies
4,931 Media Personalities
4,329 Schools
3,474 Philanthropies
3,251 Public Companies
2,186 Individual Campaign Committees
1,951 Membership Organizations
1,867 Other Campaign Committees
1,741 Lobbying Firms
1,134 Law Firms
1,060 Industry/Trade Associations
719 Consulting Firms
698 PACs
666 Policy/Think Tanks
554 Public Intellectuals
496 Government-Sponsored Enterprises
474 Media Organizations
463 Cultural/Arts
382 Government Advisory Bodies
377 Political Parties
303 Labor Unions
290 Professional Associations
233 Academic Research Institutes
213 Social Clubs
204 Public Relations Firms
97 Elite Consensus Groups