Frontline | To Catch a Trader
Individuals and organizations mentioned in Frontline's documentary on the hunt that uncovered vast insider trading on Wall Street.
People on this list have donated to following organizations.

Common Recipients

Recipient Total People
Museum of Modern Art $50,000,000 Steven A Cohen
New York Presbyterian Hospital $50,000,000 Steven A Cohen
Brown University $36,666,667 Steven A Cohen
Robin Hood Foundation $22,000,000 Steven A Cohen
America Leads $3,000,000 Steven A Cohen
New Yorkers for a Balanced Albany $1,000,000 Steven A Cohen
Mount Sinai Medical Center $501,000 Steven A Cohen
National Republican Senatorial Committee $89,700 Steven A Cohen
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $81,900 Steven A Cohen, Raj Rajaratnam
Andrew Cuomo $65,000 Steven A Cohen
Democratic National Committee $49,200 Rajat K Gupta, Raj Rajaratnam
Barack Obama $41,650 Rajat K Gupta, Steven A Cohen, Raj Rajaratnam, Ed Butowsky
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $30,000 Rajat K Gupta
John Kerry $27,000 Rajat K Gupta
Joe Lieberman $24,950 Steven A Cohen, David Slaine
Managed Funds Association Political Action Committee $15,000 Steven A Cohen
Take Back the House $15,000 Steven A Cohen
Kathleen Rice $15,000 Steven A Cohen
Robert Menendez $14,200 Raj Rajaratnam
Chris Dodd $11,100 Rajat K Gupta, Steven A Cohen