Lindsay Conwell had a position (Vice President, Accounts & Media) at i360

Title Vice President, Accounts & Media
Start Date 2014-08-00
End Date 2015-07-00
Is Current no
Notes Accounts: • Leads relationships with state and nationwide political campaigns and issue advocacy organizations. • Manages high performance team that helps clients adopt data-driven approaches to grassroots and paid media activity. • Monitors and reports on key revenue and non-revenue metrics of success. • Oversees all client and partner contracts and negotiations. • Develops strategic sales plans, leads preparation and delivery of custom presentations and proposals and evaluates client performance with a focus on retention. • Establishes brand and business standards and works with team to implement them across all products and services. • Directs all marketing content and material creation and deployment. Media: • Manages team focused on working with clients to optimize media buys for maximum campaign performance. • Works with clients to apply proprietary segments to their advertising campaigns in order to target the right audiences across all channels. • Establishes agreement terms and oversees implementation and reporting processes to make i360 proprietary segments available across all major networks, exchanges, demand-side platforms (DSPs) and data management platforms (DMPs). • Manages partnership with comScore for i360 segment availability in Segment Metrix 2.0 for smart site level targeting of political audiences. • Oversees exclusive partnership with Dish and DIRECTV, which enables a direct-to-household match for addressable television advertising. • Manages relationship with Rentrak for custom TV ratings by market, network, daypart and program. • Identifies new opportunities and directs research and development projects to bring new digital and television targeting capabilities to the political industry. Formerly: Director of Business Development (September 2011 – August 2014) Director of Sales & Marketing (March 2011 – September 2011)