Joe Hagin had a position (Deputy Chief of Staff) at White House Office

Title Deputy Chief of Staff
Start Date 2001-01-20
End Date 2008-09-00
Is Current no
Notes "Hagin, 52, who served the president from his inauguration through mid-July [2008], managed the day-to-day operations of the White House. Considered an "operational wizard" by colleagues, he transformed the process by which numerous, diverse and complex organizations work together to support the presidency." "In addition to his other responsibilities, Hagin a long-time aviation enthusiast himself, oversaw the White House Military Office, which includes the president's fleet of aircraft, Air Force One and Marine One, and managed the intricate details around the president's clandestine trips to Afghanistan and Iraq. He was a member of the original team which worked in secret to create the Department of Homeland Security following the attacks in 2001. Hagin was the architect of a five-year, multimillion dollar effort to modernize presidential voice, data and video communications systems, the renovation of the famous White House Situation Room, the Press Briefing Room and other extensive infrastructure improvements."

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