Project ICArUS
Partner Raytheon BBN Technologies Corporation
Start Date 2010-00-00
End Date 2014-00-00
Goods he primary deliverables of ICArUS will be cognitive models (instantiated as executable software) that interface with a configurable, simulated geospatial task environment. ICArUS cognitive models, in conjunction with the task environment, may be used by the analytic community (including methodologists, educators, and analysts) to examine how different analytic approaches and different task parameters affect analytic outcomes. These insights, in turn, may lead to the development of new structured analytic methods that improve analysis quality by minimizing the negative impact of human cognitive bias. In addition, by illuminating the underlying neural mechanisms that give rise to human sensemaking, ICArUS research will lay the groundwork for the development of a new generation of automated analysis tools that replicate the unique strengths of human sensemaking. Performers (Prime Contractors) HRL Laboratories, LLC; Lockheed Martin Corporation; Raytheon BBN Technologies

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