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Notes Quick Links Go to site navigation Go to page content Main Navigation WORK TEAM CONTACT ARTICLES Wayne Skipper // August 28, 2018 Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem An illustration of a rocket circling various logos UPDATE: Our proposal was selected as a winner of the Challenge! This June, the US Department of Education issued a challenge seeking the best ideas worldwide for how to align the US postsecondary educational ecosystem to the future of work and life. Concentric Sky, along side our partners BrightHive and the DXtera Institute, responded to the challenge with a vision for a future designed around decentralized, fully portable, vendor-agnostic, self-sovereign student records. We call it EdRec - and it builds off the work of each of our organizations in the realms of open technology standards and the design of interoperable learning systems. Our elevator pitch: Your “permanent” educational record has never been truly yours. Wouldn’t you want to control it, control access as you progress from one transition to the next, and optimize it for your desired success? We’re rewriting the rules of the game for personal education data by empowering learners with control of their own permanent education record across institutions, applications, and platforms. On August 27th, our proposal was selected as a finalist and the DOE opened the challenge for public voting. Voting is open from August 28-September 27, so today we're asking you to get involved. Here's how you can help Visit the challenge website. Click "Invest in this project" in the lower left. You'll be prompted to create an account. Invest 500 credits in the EdRec project. We believe that our vision for self-sovereign education records doesn’t have to wait until 2030 to be realized. With your support, we can demonstrate fully portable, vendor-agnostic, self-sovereign student records in three partnered communities within 18 months. If this is a future you'd like to explore with us, please vote today. About the EdRec team BrightHive is an impact-focused data analytics & technology company that provides open source software and services supporting public-private data collaboratives. BrightHive’s data trust model along with its data collection, integration, analysis and governance products help transform the way communities of social services providers share data, measure outcomes, and make decisions, ultimately improving individual efficacy and equality of opportunity. Concentric Sky is an award-winning software development firm with a 13 year track record of delivering innovative software solutions to complex technology problems. Core contributors to a number of open standards at standards bodies including W3C, IEEE, and IMS Global. Makers of Badgr. DXtera Institute is a growing international, nonprofit, member-based consortium of higher education professionals collaborating to remove technology barriers so that institution leaders, faculty, staff and students have efficient access to information needed to transform student outcomes. Previous & Next ArticlesNext Article Can Education Keep Up with Technology? Previous Article Summer Internship Experience at Concentric Sky Footer Facebook logo LinkedIn logo Twitter logo Call us at 541-342-8456 or email 2019 © Concentric Sky, Inc. All rights reserved.
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