GSMA Inclusive Tech Lab and GSMA have/had a hierarchical relationship

Start Date 2019-00-00
Notes Inclusive Tech Lab A test ground for transformative digital solutions Explore the Lab About How it works Core focus areas How to join Events Get in touch What is the Inclusive Tech Lab? The GSMA Inclusive Tech Lab is a GSMA-led global industry initiative that takes a hands-on approach to research, testing and development of the inclusive technologies of the future. We are thinking big. We want to make a real impact. Think about breaking down barriers to financial services for unregistered people by developing digital identities, enabling wide availability of loans, insurance and education through seamless integrations between service providers and mobile money operators, the responsible application of artificial intelligence to tailor services for women and increase their economic participation. These challenges, and many more, will be driving our thinking as we help develop the transformative digital innovations of tomorrow. Above all else, this Lab represents the power of collaboration: we welcome your thoughts on which technologies will prove the most impactful for digital and financial inclusion in years to come. Launching the GSMA Inclusive Tech Lab: A testing ground for transformative digital innovations 613500 LIVES IMPACTED worldwide through Lab technologies The Lab mission “To support our industry with inclusive innovations, we are committing ourselves to a bold new endeavour shaped by experimentation and a willingness to take risks. With our team of dedicated ‘technopreneurs’, the Lab will take a hands-on approach to research, test and develop the inclusive technologies of the future. Jointly with industry stakeholders, the Lab will strategise, build, and pilot solutions, and disseminate the insights and assets to the wider industry. With the aim to increase financial and digital inclusion of the underserved.” How it works Core focus areas The Lab works on a range of areas that drive inclusion, including the openness and interoperability of payment systems, service accessibility for women and vulnerable user populations, digital identities for unregistered people, and more. The GSMA, together with industry stakeholders, will establish impactful proofs of concept aimed at increasing financial and digital inclusion for the underserved. We will ensure the learnings and Lab-developed solutions are available to the wider industry. Join the Inclusive Tech Lab Do you have a brilliant idea that can transform the lives of millions of people? If your idea has the objective to support financial inclusion, gender equality, digital identity, or other areas driving social impact in emerging markets, then get in touch to share your idea and learn more about how we work and the eligibility criteria. Get in Touch More information How to join in 5 steps What is it and how do I collaborate? Frequently asked questions Advisory group The Lab benefits from guidance received from leading industry figures making up its global Advisory Group. A group of experts from the wider mobile industry that help to assess, prioritise and contribute towards potential project ideas received by the Lab.
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