David Perdue was an owner of Halyard Health

Start Date 2016-01-00
End Date 2016-08-00
Is Current no
Notes Four times in the week prior to the January 27 opioid hearing -- on January 20, 21, 25, and 26 – records show Perdue made four separate purchases of Halyard stock – valued at between $4,004 and $60,000. Congressional records are deliberately vague about the exact values… As legislation moved through the Senate, Perdue started selling. The value of Halyard stock had climbed -- from a low of $24.11 when Perdue began buying, to as much as $37.03 per share by mid-summer, when he sold ti all off… Price records indicated that Perdue made anywhere from a 33 to 54 percent profit over the seven-month period when Perdue bought, then sold, the stock in the company making pain management devices.