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Notes About We know how to create experts, quickly. In a fifteen-year, joint effort with Stanford faculty, DARPA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, US Navy, and Department of Veterans Affairs, we have developed a high-intensity, transformative program. Participants of this program start with no experience and exit five months later joining the best in the field. The initial program is in Information Technology (IT), and over 900 have gone through it. In the Navy, Sailors completed our program and became the advanced “go-to” ITs within weeks of entering the Fleet; in the commercial world, participants see an average salary increase of 15% per year, over the first five years, adding $3M to their net worth. This is real. Over 98% have completed the program on time, but we expect everyone who starts the program to succeed to exceptional standards. There are three fundamental elements to creating an expert, but they aren't lectures, text books and grades. First, becoming an expert begins with accumulating the equivalent of ten years of challenging work experience, where you solve the hard problems, on your own, being transformed in the process. Second, is developing a real understanding of the deep ideas in the field, along with learning how to think critically and solve hard problems – so you have confidence you can solve any problem. And third, the only way to acquire the experience and develop the understanding is to have an exceptional mentor at your elbow continually, not to give you answers but to challenge you, always advancing your understanding. The result is transformational. Those who have gone through the program have transitioned into hundreds of companies, in a broad spectrum of industries and industry leaders – Cisco, EMC, PayPal, Amazon, EMC, Palo Alto Networks, Brocade, eBay, Microsoft, Akamai to name but a few. Many are in senior level positions, now running teams and responsible for hiring – asking to hire hundreds more of our experts each year. see less
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