Georgina Lamb has a position (Chief Executive) at The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Title Chief Executive
Start Date 2020-04-00
Is Current yes
Executive yes
Notes Georgina ‘Peanut’ Lamb – Chief Executive Georgina is David Shepherd’s granddaughter and has been Chief Executive of DSWF since April 2020, having previously served as Head of Programmes and Policy for six years. She was given the nickname ‘Peanut’ as a baby by her grandfather while her parents were choosing her name and the nickname has stuck. Georgina has been an ‘unofficial’ ambassador for over 20 years after she first spoke at a DSWF fundraising dinner in London at the age of ten, calling on audience members to dig deep into their pockets to support DSWF’s vital work. Georgina has previously headed up the DSWF conservation portfolio and led the Foundation’s policy-related work around the trade in illegal wildlife products. Georgina was instrumental in positioning DSWF as a leading pangolin charity in the United Kingdom. “I have lived and breathed conservation since the day I was born. Whilst Grandad invoked in us all a passion and enthusiasm to wholeheartedly and unashamedly embrace our love for wildlife, it was during my mother Melanie’s time as CEO, when I was growing up, that I first realised the severity of the situation plaguing the planet. I feel deeply honoured to be continuing the family legacy and to be representing the brave men and women on the front line of conservation in our joint fight to end wildlife crime.” Whilst Georgina brings with her new ideas for the Foundation, she intends to stay true to the strong art heritage of the Foundation. David’s iconic paintings are loved throughout the world, and Wildlife Artist of the Year annually celebrates creative arts as a platform for bringing DSWF’s work to new audiences. Many people, remembering David, can easily imagine how delighted he would be to see the Foundation’s leadership move to such a vibrant, eloquent and charismatic new leader. Had he known that this would be his granddaughter he would have beamed with joy. David’s legacy is safe in Georgina’s expert hands.