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Notes Prepare for college with Texas College Bridge Introducing an online student resource with individualized support Texas College Bridge is a user-friendly platform that provides individualized support to help students strengthen their math and English skill prior to enrolling in college. Students receive additional college support to help them complete college transition milestones. With multiple opportunities to enroll throughout the school year, Texas College Bridge is a great option in a COVID-19 environment. Currently enrolling districts for Fall and Spring participation. Districts across Texas have access to an online preparatory program that fits into your existing curriculum. Texas College Bridge is a user-friendly platform that provides individualized support to help students prepare for college-level math and English. Lay a solid foundation for college completion, offer your students Texas College Bridge. Students: College prep personalized to you Are you ready for college? Texas College Bridge is one of the most important next steps. Take personalized, self-paced college prep courses in math and English skills. Free and online, Texas College Bridge helps prepare you for college success. LEARN MORE Teachers: Guidance and support on a user-friendly platform Texas College Bridge gives you full visibility into what students grasp and spotlights what they need to master. Provide feedback, review grades, and set up virtual meetings to guide and support students to success. LEARN MORE Districts: Consistent, flexible, online learning that’s free Texas College Bridge strengthens the English and math skills colleges expect students to know when enrolling. You choose how to implement and when to schedule. LEARN MORE Higher Ed: A proven online curriculum for college readiness Texas College Bridge provides an online, self-paced curriculum that can be used to satisfy the HB5 College Preparatory Courses for English and math— reviewed to ensure they meet Texas TSI standards. Learn how to participate in the Texas College Bridge MOU. LEARN MORE Dates & Timing Dates & Timing Multiple sessions available in 2020/2021. Enroll for fall or spring now. Results Results Texas College Bridge is designed to help students reach the required CCMR benchmark in English and math before starting college. Method Method Both online courses begin with a knowledge inventory that starts students on a personalized study path with checks along the way. Math Math & English Students can self-assess for English and math, view study options, and fill in gaps with a personalized study path. College & Career Support College & Career Support Find advising resources and training materials so you have the information to successfully advise students. More Information Texas Colleges Texas College Bridge can count toward a TSI exemption.View the colleges that participate. TEA HOME STUDENT TEACHER DISTRICT HIGHER ED For more information or questions, contact us.
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