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Start Date 2019-00-00
Goods By Brit Keller • May 2, 2019 IEEE ICICLE 2019 Conference on Learning Engineering conference, ieee, learning engineering, ICICLE Yet Analytics is a proud sponsor of the IEEE ICICLE 2019 Conference on Learning Engineering, held May 20-23, 2019, at George Mason University. The ICICLE 2019 Conference on Learning Engineering will highlight the state-of-the-art in the profession and academic discipline of Learning Engineering. The event is organized around three questions: What are the competencies of learning engineering? What do we know about learning, and what does our knowledge suggest about design of learning experiences, conditions for learning, and use of supporting technologies? How will the emerging learning engineering profession address privacy versus personalization? To address these questions, conference sessions will cover topics such as Learning Engineering tools, approaches, technologies and data standards; Emerging technologies from a Learning Engineering perspective: AI, adaptive, learning analytics, xReality, blockchain, 5G, and more; and Integrating Learning Engineering into your organization. The conference is supported by HP, Squirrel AI, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Amazon, ACT, Age of Learning, Torrance Learning, QIP, Eduworks, Yet, George Mason University, and the IEEE Standards Association. Yet Analytics is happy to be sponsoring the tickets of 20 college students to attend the conference. The application form is located here. Shelly Blake-Plock, Yet's CEO and the ICICLE Chair, will be leading a fireside chat with Chris Dede, Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education and co-editor of the recent book Learning Engineering for Online Education: Theoretical Contexts and Design-Based Examples.